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Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a positive and very effective therapeutic technique combining elements of psychotherapy and deep relaxation, in which the natural trance state is used to help you draw on your own inner resources and strengths to create positive and meaningful life changes.


It is a future-orientated, positive approach that focuses on the solutions needed to create your desired future.  Rather than delving into past problems or current issues we:

  •  acknowledge where you are currently

  •  identify where you want to be

  •  help you to make the necessary changes for the better

Hypnotherapy can help with


My Story

A retired nurse of some 34 years with an eclectic background in various other areas of experience, I have also spent over 10 years helping others to relax and de-stress, whether through reflexology and massage in NHS and private cancer care, or meditation and relaxation classes in the wider community.  There is so much stress in our modern world, and stress is literally a killer.  I am dedicated to doing my part to try and help others reduce the damaging effects of stress and achieve a better balance in life.  My journey continues now with Solution-focused Hypnotherapy - another valuable tool for my toolbox.


Hove Hypnotherapy. Solution-focused hypnotherapy, in person and remotely.

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