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Anxiety is the brain’s response to perceived threat.  It can lead to a whole host of unwanted mental and physical symptoms and behaviours, including panic attacks, irrational fears, obsessive checking and outbursts of anger.  It can often seriously disrupt our sleep too.  High and sustained levels of anxiety are never helpful, and quite frankly, can blight our lives.  Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perspective to initiate the changes we need to move forward.  I can help you with that.  By helping you understand how the vicious cycle of anxiety and stress comes about and how this can cause us to suffer so much, you will also come to understand that there is a way out of this trap.  By engaging in a combination of talking therapy and deep relaxation, you can soon start to see huge improvements in your life, feeling calmer, more relaxed, sleeping better, coping better.  It is possible, it is straightforward, it can happen – you just have to want to give it a try.                                  

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A retired nurse of some 34 years with an eclectic background in various other areas of experience, I have also spent over 10 years helping others to relax and de-stress, whether through reflexology and massage in NHS and private cancer care, or meditation and relaxation classes in the wider community.  There is so much stress in our modern world, and stress is literally a killer.  I am dedicated to doing my part to try and help others reduce the damaging effects of stress and achieve a better balance in life.  My journey continues with Solution-focused Hypnotherapy - another valuable tool for my toolbox.


Hypnotherapy is very effective for a wide range of issues.  Results may vary, depending on the individual, and success is not guaranteed.  Full client commitment to the process is key to moving forward.  We give you the tools to effect change – you do the rest!

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