What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle therapeutic technique that makes use of the natural phenomenon of trance.  This is a pleasant state of deep relaxation, altered awareness and heightened focus.  Many of us naturally go into a trance-like state every day.  Have you ever driven a car and not actually remembered the route you've taken?  Or perhaps you've been so absorbed in a particular task that you were unaware of anything else going on around you?  When you are in this state you still have awareness, it’s like daydreaming.  You will be more receptive to positive suggestions via imagery, language patterns and guidance in this state and this can help to break negative patterns of thinking and promote positive change.  You maintain awareness throughout, you will not lose control of your mind and you cannot be controlled against your will by the therapist.  Hypnotherapy is an effective way in which to help you move forward and overcome obstacles, so that you can enjoy your life to the full.

Hypnotherapy is not something that is done to you.  It is a collaborative process.  The therapist works with you and gives you the tools to enable you to make the desired changes.  It will only be successful if you are prepared to take ownership for your own progress!


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a positive and very effective therapeutic technique combining elements of psychotherapy and a state of deep relaxation, in which the natural trance state is used to help you draw on your own inner resources and strengths to create positive and meaningful life changes.

It is a future-orientated, positive approach that focuses on the solutions needed to create your desired future. Rather than delving into past problems or current issues we:


- acknowledge where you are currently

- identify where you want to be

- help you to make the necessary changes for the better


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can be used for the following conditions, and many other aspects of life that inhibit or restrict us in some way.

  • Symptoms of Anxiety/Stress

  • Low mood

  • Sleep problems

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Obsessive thoughts

  • Anger

  • Irritable bowel Syndrome

  • Skin conditions (e.g. eczema, psoriasis)

  • Chronic pain

  • Teeth grinding

  • Nail biting

  • Stopping smoking

  • Weight management

  • Confidence and Self esteem

  • Relationship difficulties/loss

  • Concentration and focus

  • Sports performance

  • Public speaking

  • Exam/interview nerves and more!


This therapy can be very effective within a short period of time.  Typically, you may need between 8 - 12 sessions (this varies between individuals).


Smoking Cessation is a one-off session, and phobia work usually requires about 3 - 4 sessions.