Information for Online Sessions

Online sessions are just as effective as face-to-face sessions, and in fact some clients find them more convenient.


In order to make the most of your online session, here are a few useful pointers:


Positioning - choose a comfortable chair, couch or bed where you will be able to relax back undisturbed for the trance work.  You may like to have a blanket ready to help keep you warm and comfortable.


It can be useful to experiment beforehand with the positioning of your device so that I will still be able to see you on my screen while you are relaxing.


Music - the quality of music played remotely during trance can vary.  You may like to choose your own relaxing background music that can be played at your end instead at the appropriate time.


Potential loss of signal – at the first meeting we will discuss a backup plan in the event of loss of remote contact during the session. This will include alternative methods of communication.


In the event of loss of contact during trance, please be reassured that this poses no risk to you at all – you are always in control and are able to come round naturally and safely whenever you choose.

You can then call me back if you wish, if you wake within the prescribed appointment time, or message me any time afterwards.