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  Appointments available:

   Monday          6pm - 7pm

   Tuesday         10am - 7pm

   Wednesday    6pm - 7pm

   Thursday       10am - 7pm

   Friday            10am - 7pm


weekends by arrangement

Coronavirus update 12/4/22

In line with current Government advice and industry recommendations, face-to-face appointments are now available to support mental well-being, subject to absence of Covid symptoms.

Prices From September 2020

talking on phones

Initial Telephone Consultation


10-20 minutes - free of charge

A 2-way information-gathering session to gain a feel for what you are looking for and how I can help you.       

Initial Consultation

Up to 45 minutes - £35

In-depth information-gathering, an explanation of how the brain works and why we find ourselves suffering with our various issues, and details about ongoing hypnotherapy sessions. 


My opportunity to find out exactly how I can help you, and your opportunity to find out if I am  the right person for you.

Includes a complementary relaxation audio which supports and enhances the work done in clinical sessions.

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Therapy Session

Further Sessions

50-60 minutes  - £55 online
                           - £65 face-to-face

Full therapy sessions, combining psychotherapy techniques with deep relaxation and positive change-work during relaxation.

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Smoking Cessation

Approx 90 - 120 minutes - £180

This is a one-off session.

6 follow-on hypnotherapy sessions (after initial consultation)

Includes free relaxation audio, free subscription to well-being e-newsletter and extra support material sent out to you personally in between sessions.

£300 online   

£360 face-to-face


Conditions apply.   Please ask for details.


Not to be used in conjunction with other offers. 

Well-being Support Package

Happy Gal

Blocks of 4 sessions may be bought in advance at any time following Initial Consultation.

£195  online

£235  face-to-face 

Conditions apply.   Please ask for details.


Not to be used in conjunction with other offers. 

Happy Man

Follow-on sessions

6 weekly relaxation sessions of 45 minutes, to enable you to relax and deal with the stress in your life.   

A combination of discussion, practical stress-management tips and strategies, and guided relaxation. 

£240 - online only

Please ask for further details. 

Girl Relaxing

Stress-buster Package

Eyes Closed

Mind Massage

I hr session, consisting of practical stress-relieving exercises and guided relaxation

for a one-off boost to relaxation, rejuvenation and mental well-being.


Relaxing at Home

Top Up Relaxation Sessions

One-off occasional guided relaxation sessions by arrangement to support those who have already completed a course of hypnotherapy.  

30 minutes - Online only


Hypnotherapy is very effective for a wide range of issues.  Results may vary, depending on the individual, and success is not guaranteed.  Full client commitment to the process is key to moving forward.  We give you the tools to effect change – you do the rest!