Ann B


Mimi A.

West Byfleet

I know Debbie for quite a while, I was attending in her relaxation classes and also I had several sessions Hypnotherapy with her.  Relaxation classes helped me during hard times I had with cancer. I learned to be more positive and relaxed , her Hypnotherapy sessions Helped me to have more confidence in myself and to overcome my fear of being failure . Debbie is a very good therapist and I recommend her to anyone needs therapy .

Kate G.


Debbie has helped me tremendously with anxieties over my pending divorce. After half a dozen sessions with her, I have felt much calmer, and have been able to deal with issues rationally and without fear.

Ann B.



Debbie has helped me with a phobia and anxiety - particularly around medical procedures. She is calm thoughtful, suitably challenging and has really helped me to focus and to change some of my thought patterns that have not been helping me. I am more relaxed, take time for me and feel in control of my life l recommend her very highly. Ann.



I had six sessions of hypnotherapy, focusing on anxiety issues. Debbie explained at the beginning of each session  how positive thinking patterns directly affect brain chemistry, and then led me through a visualisation and into a very relaxing hypnosis state. She also gave me some simple thought exercises to do at home to help reinforce the sessions. I came away from this process a lot more confident in my ability to manage my stress and anxiety levels. I’ve seen for myself that if I use the tools Debbie gave me, I can actually make a difference to my overall state of mind and this is a very empowering realisation - thank you Debbie!"

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