"Debbie has helped me with a phobia and anxiety - particularly around medical procedures. She is calm thoughtful, suitably challenging and has really helped me to focus and to change some of my thought patterns that have not been helping me. I am more relaxed, take time for me and feel in control of my life. l recommend her very highly. Ann."

  Ann B.


" Debbie helped me with my fear of flying just before I was due to go on a family holiday. She was super-flexible about fitting me in, and was empathetic, kind and extremely knowledgeable.  I felt safe in her hands immediately.  After only a few sessions, I went on the flight and was calm, relaxed and confident, despite some bad turbulance, all thanks to Debbie, who I can wholeheartedly recommend. "



I had been struggling with anxiety and sleep which had got a lot worse during the lockdowns and so I contacted Debbie to see if she could help. I had a wonderful series of sessions with Debbie and she also provided me with an amazing hypnotherapy audio recording that I could take home and use every day. The sessions and the audio recording have been so helpful and I am pretty much guaranteed to both get to sleep but also to sleep through the night now. My anxiety has also got noticeably better too. I really recommend working with Debbie!



"Debbie has helped me tremendously with anxieties over my pending divorce. After half a dozen sessions with her, I have felt much calmer, and have been able to deal with issues rationally and without fear."


West End

"I know Debbie for quite a while, I was attending in her relaxation classes and also I had several sessions Hypnotherapy with her. Relaxation classes helped me during hard times I had with cancer. I learned to be more positive and relaxed.  Her Hypnotherapy sessions helped me too, I have more confidence in myself and to overcome my fear of being failure.  Debbie is a very good therapist and I recommend her to anyone needs therapy ."


West Byfleet

"I sought help from Debbie initially to improve my sleep. What transpired was that the techniques she used helped me get on top of my general anxiety which was permeating all areas of my life, not just my sleep. Not only has my quality of sleep significantly improved but I have been left with coping mechanisms that I can deploy at any time. And, most importantly, I can manage anxiety when it comes up. "



"A new dawn! Lockdown has changed my life in more ways than one. Firstly I had to master the art of zoom calls, and secondly I had to manage my increasing anxiety. Who would have ever thought that in the comfort of my own home I could experience the most amazing relaxation guided by Debbie.  After an initial chat and explanation of what the session would involve and how it could help me, (personally nothing beats lying on my own bed for such an experience), I was guided through a wonderful visualization which relaxed me and enabled me to go on and rest/sleep without stressful dreaming or waking up throughout the night.  I slept like a baby that night! I still have moments of anxiety but feel more confident that I have the tools to manage it. Thank you Debbie for your gift. "