Weight Management

Many of us are aware these days of the risks to health of being overweight. Obesity is a growing concern worldwide and is associated with a huge range of health issues such as increased risk of heart attack and stroke, arthritis, and diabetes. Obesity is also associated with infertility, pregnancy complications, cancer, stress incontinence, disability, depression/anxiety and reduced quality of life, and can lead to premature death. There are, of course, health risks associated with being underweight and with various other unhealthy patterns of eating too.

There are many reasons why you may wish to manage your weight, some general and some very personal. You may be worried about a health concern such as high blood pressure or heart disease; you may want to increase your mobility or decrease joint pain; you may want to boost your self-esteem or improve your body image; you may simply want to fit into a great outfit for that special occasion!


Most of us are aware of the sensible eating and exercise habits that we need to adopt in order to maintain our desired weight. So why don't we just get on with it?  If only it were that easy, the diet industry would be out of business!

Solution-focused hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping with weight issues. However is not to be regarded as a quick fix.  It is a process that takes some work and commitment over the course of several weeks.  However, once new healthy habits are established, research has shown that the effects are far longer-lasting than classic dieting.


It is important to understand that we are not a weight loss service. We work with you to help you understand what is holding you back from achieving your desired goals and enable you to break away from old habits and unhelpful patterns of thinking.  We help put you in the head space where you are able to take control again.  When you are in control, you will then be able to make healthier choices around eating, exercising or any other measures needed to achieve your desired outcome, whether that be to gain or lose weight, to feel healthier, or to just feel happier in your own skin.